Jamie's e-news October 26, 2015

OCTOBER 26, 2015
It was another big week in Parliament: taking a stand against the erosion of civil rights in the anti-terror legislation, opposing WestConnex, promoting proper planning in the Bays Precinct and the Parramatta Road corridor, opposing the privatisation of the Powerhouse Museum, fighting corruption and raising concerns about the impact of new Strata Laws on vulnerable residents.


Talking WestConnex, if you're concerned about the impact the $15.4bn tollroad will have on our city, here's your chance to make your voice heard - and it will only take a few minutes.

As a number of cities around the world have experienced, building major tollroads is both enormously expensive and counter productive. Traffic will increase. It is not a long term solution to Sydney's congestion problems.

Do you think this money would be better spent building a world class public transport system?

Do you think increasing pollution and traffic is unacceptable for a modern, sustainable city?


Please click here to make a submission to the WestConnex M4 East Environmental Impact Statement by MONDAY 2 NOVEMBER. We've made it very easy to add your name and a short personalised message.

We have received nearly 500 online submissions already, which is a great response and indicative of the impact WestConnex will have on our community. Add your voice - every submission counts.

Best wishes and thank you for your support.


Jamie Parker

Member for Balmain


utopia.jpgThe NSW government has stumbled yet again in their handling of the vast urban transformation project for the Bays Precinct. The glossy 80-page brochure and promotional film featuring computer generated vistas and full-page diagrams are certainly colourful, like the fictional TV series, but the plan is very light on detail for actual outcomes, such as housing density, mass public transport options and recreational spaces.

Despite repeatedly promising the Bays Precinct is a 'blank page' and calling for 'Great Ideas' from the public, Premier Mike Baird has already announced that the White Bay Power Station and Glebe Island will become a technology precinct.

The community can rightly feel let down. Consultation UrbanGrowth-style is again shown to be a box that needs to be ticked, not genuine engagement with all stakeholders.

Read my press release here.

Image: Comedian Rob Sitch shows the NSW government how to build a nation/ABC TV.

SAVE THE POWERHOUSE MUSEUM: 10,000 signatures collected

PetitionSplice.jpgA huge thanks to everyone who signed our petition calling on the state government to stop the sale of the iconic Powerhouse Museum building to private developers.

Along with community group Friends of Ultimo, we collected the 10,000 signatures required to force a debate of the issue in state parliament.

The Powerhouse building is an important cultural and public space that should be preserved for generations. It must remain in the public’s hands.

Read more about our campaign.

Image: Jamie collecting the final signatures; with the Independent MP for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, handing over the petition.


It is estimated that half of all Sydney residents will live in an strata-titled apartment by 2040. Yet this week, the government pushed for a new model for strata legislation which would allow strata titles to be sold off with only 75% of owners' approval (currently, it must be unanimous).

These reforms mean uncertainly and insecurity for apartment dwellers, with the threat of their homes being sold without their consent. It also means property developers again gain the upper hand when redeveloping buildings - at the expense of affordable housing and increasing residential property supply.

Understandably, this is causing concern for many people in my electorate. Last week in parliament I, along with Jenny Leong the Greens Member for Newtown, spoke out against this element of the strata reform bills.

Read the transcript here.


Whilst debating the Mining and Petroleum Legislation Amendment Bill in parliament last week, I reiterated the Greens call for mining companies to be banned from making donations to political parties.

"To avoid the risk of corruption in the management and commercial exploitation of resources, miners should be included in the class of banned donors and prevented from making political donations. I hope to discuss that issue with Government members to ensure that we can have a regulatory framework that is driven by science and issues and not developer contributions."

Read the full debate here.


NB_slider_140312_Light_rail_student_travel.jpgSince the light rail network was extended to the Inner West, we have been calling for the School Student Transport Scheme to include free travel on light rail to and from school. It simply makes sense, and helps students and their families.

Please help me keep the pressure on the government. Forward this link to someone local you know and ask them to add their name to the petition.


You can read transcripts of all my speeches, questions and debates here.

JPParl.jpgLast week in parliament
22 October: Parramatta Road and the Bays Precinct Rezoning
21 October: Rochelle Porteous
21 October: Mining and Petroleum Legislation Amendment
21 October: Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2015
20 October: Strata Schemes Management Bill 2015 Strata Schemes Development Bill 2015


My team and I are available to help with concerns you may have about public housing, public transport, health, planning and development, education, childcare or any other local or state issue. Call us on 9660 7586 or email [email protected]

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