Fight O'Farrell's education cuts: Greens MP to host local forum

Public meeting: 6:30pm Thursday 8 November 2012 Leichhardt Town Hall
Keynote speaker: Maurie Mulheron, President of the NSW Teachers Federation

Greens MP Jamie Parker will next month host a public forum about the Liberal government's $1.7 billion education budget cuts and what they will mean for local schools and TAFE.

"These cuts will mean significant fee increases and the degradation of quality education. I strongly oppose the cuts and am hosting this meeting to ensure that the community has an opportunity to ask questions directly of the Minister and the department," Mr Parker said.

"I have invited the Education Minister Adrian Piccoli and I hope he will attend and answer the questions of parents, teachers, students and community members.

"I will do everything in my power to work to overturn the government's position and I invite all Members of Parliament to join with me in this vitally important campaign to secure the future of Australia's public education system," Mr Parker said.

NSW Teachers Federation Organiser Michelle Rosicky said: 

"The NSW Government has drastically cut education funding. This will damage our children’s education. If they get away with this they will cut further. We need community support to stop this happening."

Greens MP Jamie Parker said:

"My sisters and mother are teachers and I know how hard they work to provide the best for their students. It is incredibly demoralising for them and the entire sector to see these cuts as they will impact on the quality of education for the children of NSW. 

"This is about priorities. Education should be at the absolute centre of the work a state government undertakes.

"The Liberal government claims it has no money yet it has gifted the gambling industry $300 million in tax breaks and has budgeted over $400 million for an unsuccessful payroll tax rebate scheme. 

"These cuts are particularly surprising considering the recommendations of the Gonski review which highlight the need to increase education funding.
"All children should have access to quality education, which means we need to increase funding for education while protecting the rights and working conditions of teachers, principals and school staff," Mr Parker said.

Public meeting to oppose Liberal government education cuts: When: 6:30pm Thursday 8 November 2012
Where: Leichhardt Town Hall, corner Marion and Norton Streets
Keynote speaker: Maurie Mulheron, President of the NSW Teachers Federation
RSVP for catering purposes: 9660 7586

More information: Alison Martin 9660 7586 or 0432 941 533

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