Four city councils united against Barangaroo

September 8, 2010 INNER WEST COURIER
Four inner city councils have vowed to continue their campaign against Lend Lease’s vision for Barangaroo right up until the state election in March.

Sydney, Leichhardt, North Sydney and Woollahra councils are united in opposing Lend Lease’s plans, with all four wanting to see an end to the pier hotel, and the retention of the cruise passenger terminal at Barangaroo.

All four councils have adopted resolutions opposing Lend Lease’s vision for Barangaroo, and what they say is a lack of community consultation on the proposal.

Woollahra Council, the City of Sydney and Leichhardt Council have adopted motions opposing the intrusion of the hotel into the harbour.

Woollahra and Leichhardt have both written to State Planning Minister Tony Kelly and the Barangaroo Delivery Authority to express their opposition.

“I want to see a plan which protects the waterfront, and proposes buildings which are scaled down as they approach the waterfront - not this monstrosity in our harbour,” Leichhardt mayor Jamie Parker said.

“The harbour is for the people, not for the private use of one developer,” Cr Parker said.

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