Free internet in your local park: a Greens initiative

Leichhardt and Balmain locals and visitors can now access free internet in public places, thanks to the Greens MP for Balmain and Leichhardt Councillor Jamie Parker.

"I initiated this project because I believe internet access is an important social service which should be available to everyone. Those who may not be able to afford internet at home can go to a local park and access it for free," Mr Parker said.

Mr Parker successfully moved a motion at Council to introduce free public WIFI, which is now operating in four public areas: Leichhardt Town Hall, Balmain Town Hall, Leichhardt Aquatic Centre and the Playground in Pioneers Memorial Park, Leichhardt. These four locations will be trialled for six months at a cost of only $1,080.

"The wireless hotspots have a range of up to 50 metres, allowing residents and shoppers to surf the net, check emails and catch up with friends and family all over the world - all while enjoying our wonderful parks and public spaces.

"If the scheme proves popular with the community I will work to extend it to include free internet on our shopping strips and local parks throughout the municipality," Mr Parker said.

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