Friends of Callan Park say Jamie Parker is "Excellent"

The Friends of Callan Park community organisation has released their March 2011 Newsletter including questions put to Jamie Parker, Barry O'Farrell & Verity Firth on Callan Park about topics which are key to the future of this iconic site. The Friends of Callan Park arrived at an Election Verdict on the basis of the answers they received - and the records of the candidates.

Their verdict for Jamie Parker was:

"Excellent - Jamie Parker - The Greens.

His record cannot be faulted. He has been an active and eloquent supporter of Callan Park (and the return of mental health facilities) for more than a decade.

The decision to develop a master plan for Callan Park – and put it on public exhibition for your opinions – was very much on his initiative."

Read their short PDF newsletter to read the detailed verdict and each politician's complete answer to the questions asked by Friends of Callan Park.

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