Gallacher given promotion after ICAC gutted

Mike Baird is showing utter contempt for the people of NSW by reinstating a man who ICAC found was willing to 'evade the election funding laws.'

And to add insult to injury, he is not only bringing him back, he is also giving him a pay raise of nearly $20,000 by elevating him to the chair of a parliamentary committee.

Read my comments in the Sydney Morning Herald here

It raises serious alarm bells about the Government’s commitment to fighting corruption that at the same time as deposing the ICAC Commissioner, Mike Baird has brought back one of the very people that ICAC made adverse findings against.

Mike Baird has gone back on his commitment in August that Mr Gallagher would not return to the Liberal Party.

The people of NSW are sick of politicians running a protection racket for their mates and if Mike Baird has a shred of integrity left then he would withdraw his support for Mr Gallagher.

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