Government abandons bus stop removal plan

Transport for NSW has announced that it has abandoned plans to remove much-needed bus stops from Norton Street in Leichhardt.

In Norton Street, near Norton Street Plaza, Transport for NSW had proposed to remove four bus stops and four street trees.

The proposal would have made access a lot more difficult for elderly passengers and those with poor mobility, and reduced access to local businesses.

Scores of residents wrote to the government, exasperated by this proposal to make taking the bus even harder.

Their efforts paid off, and the government will now only remove one bus stop and no street trees, replacing the stop with three new parking spaces.

Strong community pressure also led to Transport for NSW abandoning plans to remove bus stops at Glover Street Lilyfield and Parramatta Road near University Avenue Camperdown.

Jamie Parker, Member for Balmain, said:

“I’d like to thank all the residents and businesses who stood up against the foolish proposal to make it harder for passengers to catch the bus on Norton Street.

I’m delighted that the representations I made directly to the Minister for Transport on behalf of local people have yielded some positive results.

 While it’s pleasing to see some of the worst elements of the plan abandoned, I’ll continue to press the government about several locations including Parramatta Road and in particular Darling Street. Here the elderly, young families and people with disabilities will be forced to walk long distances to reach the bus stops.

Removing bus stops to improve bus services is nonsensical – if the government was serious about making buses run on time, they’d abandon their planned sell off and invest in priority lanes, additional services and priority bus signalling.

This result shows that when local people stand up for smart, efficient public transport they can really make a difference.”


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  • Wayne Galea
    commented 2017-10-07 14:00:03 +1100
    You want to make Norton Street less congested; make that new construction site next to Norton Street Plaza partly into a Parking Garage and then remove all the carparks along Norton Street, making it two lanes either side.

    Because if you remove the centre bus stops it will just make more people want to drive to get their shopping, thus increasing road traffic.
  • Alan Brennan
    commented 2017-08-28 15:42:19 +1000
    Please no more bus stop closures and let,s have electronic display boards at main stops, showing route numbers and expected times of arrival . This takes the frustration out of waiting . There should be no timetable displayed , buses should run every 5 to 10 minutes, 10 to 15 minutes , or 20 to 30 minutes depending on how often they are used. Alan Brennan Alexandria
  • Keri Sultmann
    commented 2017-08-25 17:51:17 +1000
    the drivers can keep the impossible schedules with traffic conditions, slow passengers etc etc. Maybe the Gov needs to have experienced people doing the scheduling and not the Google @ 2am scheduling!
  • Keri Sultmann
    commented 2017-08-25 17:49:37 +1000
    What needs to happen as well is to have a review of the scheduling of the buses. I regularly catch the 444 and 370 and there is NO WAY

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