Government agencies slam Rozelle Village traffic claims

A report by Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime Services has rejected traffic modelling submitted by the developer of the former Balmain Tigers site, casting further doubt over plans for the mega development.

"This report reveals either gross incompetence or blatant dishonesty - the whole project rests on the traffic impacts and now the report has been completely discredited," Greens MP Jamie Parker said. 

"This is another example of the developer failing to provide adequate studies to justify their plans.

"The traffic simulation model is hopelessly flawed, based on inaccurate numbers and with glaring errors such as dual green lights showing traffic going in cross directions simultaneously.

"The developer is using this failed modelling to support claims about how the development will impact our community – it's little wonder residents have had enough.

"This again undermines community confidence in the developer's plans for our area.

"I support an appropriate development on the site and will welcome the return of the Tigers to Rozelle, but an overdevelopment of this scale is simply unacceptable," Mr Parker said.

More information: Jamie Parker 0418 428 089

The full response from Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime Services:


February 21, 2013 at 12pm

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