Government defers Greenway, abandons integrated active transport options

Greens MP Jamie Parker will continue to fight for the Greenway following the government's indefinite deferral of the project.

"The government's deferral of the Greenway and delay of the light rail is a huge setback for the inner west and the broader active transport network," said Mr Parker.

"The investment required to build the Greenway is comparatively small and will reduce pressure on the state's health and transport budgets."

The government stopped short of dumping the project but Mr Parker is greatly concerned by the deferral:

"It will cost significantly more to add the Greenway to the light rail corridor later. The government is claiming the project was originally under-budgeted but the reality is that delaying construction will greatly increase costs."

"The Greenway provides an integrated active transport link which will enhance the effectiveness of the light rail. The Minister for Transport should support this project as a vital opportunity to encourage active engagement and integration with the system."

"The Minister's deferral of the Greenway and lack of commitment to light rail does not bode well for delivery on her grand promises to fix the system."

"I have raised my concerns with the Minister and will work with the state government to ensure the Greenway is developed alongside the broader light rail project. I have invited Minister Berejiklian to tour the project to demonstrate how effectively it will link with other transport options."

Mr Parker last week asked Minister Berejiklian in Parliament to explain the delay to the extension of Sydney's light rail.

More information: Alison Martin 0432 941 533

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