Government plot to kill ICAC: Greens

Member for Balmain and Greens anti-corruption spokesperson, Jamie Parker MP, has strongly criticised the Liberal party for their Bill to radically restructure the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and to sack the current ICAC Commissioner.

"Considering it was the work of the ICAC that recently exposed the dodgy activity of so many Liberal MPs, it’s hardly surprising that the Government is now seeking payback,” he said.

“It’s disappointing but not surprising that Liberal and Labor politicians came to a bipartisan view that the ICAC should be fundamentally restructured, despite opposition to this from the Commission itself. Now the Liberals have gone one step further with their Bill, which will sack the existing Commissioner.

We've already seen the government renege on their commitments to fully fund the ICAC and strip it of close to $2 million, forcing it to close one of its four investigation teams.

This Bill gives the Liberal government the opportunity to stack the ICAC with commissioners who are less proactive in pursuing corrupt politicians.

The Bill will fatally undermine the independence of the Commission and add unnecessary costs that should be spent on front line investigations. It clearly exposes the government’s agenda to destroy the ICAC.

The proposed changes are a transparent attempt by the Liberals to rein in the one body that keeps them honest.

The public of New South Wales demands and expects a strong, independent corruption-fighting body that is given the same powers as similar bodies in other states and territories.”


More information: Jamie Parker 0418 428089

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