Green machine sets its sights on Macquarie Street (The Age)

The success of the Greens in the federal election - nine senators by July 1 next year and a Green MP in the House of Representatives - has profound implications for the NSW election next March.

For example, based on the victory of Adam Bandt in the federal seat of Melbourne and Sam Byrne's savaging of the federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese's vote in the inner-Sydney seat of Grayndler, the Greens are on track to snatch two seats in the Legislative Assembly.

Leichhardt Council's Greens mayor, Jamie Parker, is poised to unseat the Education Minister, Verity Firth, in Balmain, while Marrickville's deputy mayor, Fiona Byrne, has her sights on ousting the Health Minister, Carmel Tebbut
They used to be regarded as ratbags, and the media either ignored them or ridiculed them. Not any more. Their opposition to coal-fired power stations, developer vandalism and the sewer of political donations used to be unpopular; these are now mainstream issues.
Labor politicians used to speak like this. Now only the Greens have the courage of their convictions and their vote will continue to rise.

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