Greens call for poisons out of local parks

Greens MPs and council candidates have called on the Inner West Council to stop exposing families using local parks to a potentially deadly chemical.

The poison glyphosate, commonly known as RoundUp, is used as a weedkiller in parks, playgrounds and sports fields in the Inner West Council area.

In March 2015, the World Health Organization, the UN’s public health agency, said glyphosate likely causes cancer. The chemical also has harmful effects on birds, fish and other wildlife. Glyphosate is thought to be the cause of the worldwide decline of bees.              

Jamie Parker, Greens MP for Balmain, said:

“Families in the Inner West just want to take their kids for a run around in the park without worrying that they’ll be exposed to cancer-causing chemicals.

We’re calling on the Inner West Council to take immediate action and start using less harmful methods of weed control like other cities around the world.

Keeping children safe is more important than saving money.”

Rochelle Porteous, Greens candidate for Leichhardt Ward, said:

“Last year I was the only councillor who voted to protect our children from this dangerous poison. If elected I will ensure the council uses safe weed control methods for our parks, sports fields and playgrounds.”

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