Greens concerned over competence of Minister for the Environment

Greens MP Jamie Parker today supported an Opposition motion of no confidence in the Minister for the Environment, while expressing concern that the motion was more political stunt than substance.

"The Opposition has no credibility on this issue but the performance of the Minister has been sadly lacking," Mr Parker said.

"We Greens have grave concerns about the Minister's competence, particularly arising out of the recent budget estimates hearings, following which we urged the Premier to consider a cabinet reshuffle.

"I believe the Minister has good intentions. We Greens recently welcomed reform of pollution laws which strengthened notification requirements following the Orica incident. The government is also undertaking a mandatory environmental audit of the state's 41 major hazardous material facilities.

"These reforms came out of the O'Reilly report and represent positive steps forward. There is scope for much more reform in environmental protection and we Greens will continue to campaign for measures which will have the best outcome for the environment.

"We Greens remain concerned about the Minister's competence and will continue to scrutinise this government's performance in environmental protection."

More information: Alison Martin 0432 941 533

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