Greens introduce new anti-corruption laws

Jamie Parker, MP for Balmain and Greens anti-corruption spokesperson, today delivered the second reading of a Bill to create new, modern criminal offences that capture corrupt conduct: the Crimes Amendment (Misconduct in Public Office and Other Matters) Bill 2018.

Commenting on the Bill, Jamie Parker MP for Balmain says:

“Over decades, successive Liberal and Labor governments have passed hundreds of laws making clear criminal penalties for the people of NSW. One area of law they have failed to address is corruption, bribery and misconduct by public officials.

“Here in NSW corruption is still governed by common law offences that are complex with no set maximum penalties. This is why it is so challenging to secure convictions in NSW.

“While the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is able to identify corrupt activities by public officials, translating those findings into criminal charges isn’t always straightforward.

“This Bill adds a level of clarity over what precisely constitutes corrupt conduct and what sentences these offences should attract. It will make the process of laying charges against suspected corrupt public officials more straightforward.

“These new laws were proposed by the ICAC in their submission to the ICAC Committee’s Inquiry into Prosecutions Arising from Independent Commission Against Corruption Investigations in 2014.

“Sadly, corruption in NSW is a bipartisan business. This Bill is an essential step in restoring public confidence in government decision-making. If Labor and the Liberals are serious about cleaning up their ranks, they will support it.”

Read the Bill here.


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