Greens move to protect whistleblowers and strengthen ICAC

Jamie Parker, MP for Balmain and Greens anti-corruption spokesperson, today introduced a Bill that will strengthen protection for whistleblowers who provide information to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

“The current ICAC Act only provides limited protection to people who provide information to the Commission. This protection does not apply where a person voluntarily discloses information to the Commission about corrupt conduct that the ICAC is not currently investigating,” he said.

"This amendment will ensure that people providing information to the ICAC are protected from any criminal, civil or disciplinary liability where the disclosure was made for the purpose of the Commission’s functions.

This Bill provides legislative protection for the voluntary provision of information, which is currently the case in other jurisdictions including disclosures brought to Queensland’s Crime and Corruption Commission.

If the government is serious about supporting the fight against corruption, they will support this Bill, which will give the community confidence that they can disclose information to the ICAC without risk.

Increased disclosure protections were proposed by the ICAC in their submission to the ICAC Committee’s Inquiry into Prosecutions Arising from Independent Commission Against Corruption Investigations in 2014.

The strength of our political system often depends on the integrity of individuals who are prepared to take a stand. Enhancing protection both to public officials and private citizens who make disclosures on corruption issues is a common sense step that deserves the support of the Parliament”


More information: Jamie Parker 0418 428 089

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