Greens MP Jamie Parker opposes cuts to police compensation

The NSW Police Minister Michael Gallacher this week introduced legislation into NSW Parliament to drastically reduce the amount of compensation police officers can receive for psychological injury under the Police Death and Disability Insurance Scheme.



“The proposed legislation slashes the benefits payable to injured police in NSW. Cuts to compensation are grossly unjust for hard working police officers who put their lives on the line every day,” Greens MP Jamie Parker said.

 “Police play a crucial role within our communities, often with insufficient resources and support.

“90 per cent of police medical discharges involve some degree of psychological injury. It is a shocking statistic and a clear indicator that we must be doing more to support our police officers.

“The Government should be working with police to develop injury management and occupational health and safety policies which minimise these injuries, but instead it is slashing vital compensation,” Mr Parker said.

Greens NSW Police spokesperson David Shoebridge opposed the Government’s motion for the Bill to be treated as urgent in the Upper House.

“The Greens are calling on the government to recognise mental health as a serious issue and give police officers the respect they deserve,” Mr Shoebridge said.

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