Greens MP Jamie Parker supports innovative local education initiative

Jamie Parker has voiced his support for a local initiative which supports alternative learning pathways for young people in the inner west.


Glebe Pathways Project is a community-based learning program providing an opportunity for students who are having difficulty in the broader high school environment and who would otherwise drop out of school.

“The majority of the students are Indigenous and they have a fantastic commitment to their culture and heritage. They have been greatly affected by this project.”

The project is developed and maintained by a number of partners including Sydney Secondary College, Glebe Youth Service, Save the Children, the University of Sydney Faculty of Education and Social Work, TAFE Outreach, Big Picture Education Australia, Glebe Public School and the City of Sydney.

“Initiatives such as the Glebe Pathways Project provide great benefits not only to the students and their families but also to the local community and broader society, giving these young people constructive and positive educational uses of their time,” said Mr Parker.

A recent review of the project by the University of Sydney reported excellent results in re-engaging and inspiring young people and creating new and positive connections throughout the community.

“This type of evidence-based reviewing of educational outcomes is critical to indicate to government where the education dollar should be invested,” said Mr Parker.

“Programs such as the Glebe Pathways Project need ongoing support from government and I will continue to advocate for evidence-based education initiatives.”

“It is a wonderful and inspiring example of a holistic approach to teaching and learning. I congratulate the students, teachers and each of the organisations involved.”

Jamie’s speech in Parliament

Glebe Youth Service

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