Greens MP welcomes back down on cuts to sustainability education

Environmental education celebrated an important win this week when the Department of Education backed down from moves to remove its sustainability curriculum support role, Greens MP Jamie Parker said.

Mr Parker last week questioned the Minister for Education in Parliament about the Government's funding cuts, which would have removed environmental education curriculum support staff from the department.

"In light of numerous environmental setbacks under the Liberal government, this is a positive step which will see continued departmental support for sustainability education," Mr Parker said.

"The government should be committing to supporting schools to deliver quality sustainability education, not cutting funding which undermines quality education and threatens support for key staff."

"This win is testimony to the great campaigning work particularly of the Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE) which has advocated strongly on behalf of environmental educators to highlight the importance of this vital support role. 

"The grass roots campaign organised by AAEE NSW played an important role in pressuring the department to change this policy decision, demonstrating the power of community advocacy and campaigning.

"This is a good first step however we still need a functioning framework for education for sustainability in NSW and I will continue to support environmental educators as they campaign for this," Mr Parker said.

More information: Alison Martin 9230 2803 or 0432 941 533

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