Greens MP welcomes Laneway Festival to Callan Park in 2014

Greens MP Jamie Parker has spoken out in support of the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival returning to Callan Park in 2014, noting he is pleased that the report from Leichhardt Council’s staff has responded to community concerns.

Mr Parker said:

“As Mayor I was delighted to vote for and formally open the Laneway Festival at Callan Park in 2011 and it has been fantastic to see it become more and more popular every year.

“Laneway is a great festival which attracts both Australian and International musicians and we’re fortunate to be able to host it here in the Inner West.

“I can fully understand local and heritage concerns and I am pleased that the report from Council’s staff has responded to the concerns raised by residents particularly in relation to protecting Callan Park and surrounding residential areas.

“I note that my Greens colleagues have voted to ensure support for the festival at Council meetings in both 2011 and 2012.

“We Greens have been strongly supportive of the Festival since it began and we continue to look for more ways to promote live music locally,” Mr Parker said.

Media contact: Alison Martin 0432 941 533

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