Greens Track Record

The Greens have been a strong independent voice in the middle of Federal Parliament fighting for what matters:

  1. Helping families with free dental care – 3.4 million children from low and middle income families will be able to access Medicare-funded dental care. $500m has also been invested in reducing waiting lists and training health workers (as a result of the Greens’ Labor Agreement).
  2. Recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in an Act of Parliament, a pre-cursor to constitutional recognition (as a result of the Greens’ Labor Agreement).
  3. Securing legislative safeguards against the privatisation of the NBN.
  4. Ending taxpayer funding of big tobacco in the Future Fund.
  5. Protecting children in remote communities from petrol sniffing.
  6. Securing a Children’s Commissioner to stand up for children’s rights.
  7. Securing additional funding for SBS and the ABC and restoring the Australian Music Radio AirPlay Project.
  8. Action on sports betting and making sure kids don’t think live odds are another part of the game.
  9. Strengthening the authority of Territorian Governments to make their own choices.
  10. Increasing protection for firefighters who contract cancer in the line of duty.
  11. Minimising the impacts of the Australian Building and Construction Commission so that building workers aren’t treated worse than criminals.
  12. Securing rights for seafarers so they’re treated the same as other workers when they get sick.

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