Media Release: Greens welcome ICAC hearing into political donations

NSW Greens corruption spokesperson Jamie Parker MP has welcomed the announcement of ICAC hearings which will examine serious allegations of subversion of state election donation laws.

Chinese billionaire and Crown high roller Huang Xiangmo's relationship with former NSW Labor party boss Jamie Clements and ex-state MP, Ernest Wong, will be the focus of fresh corruption commission hearings. Of specific interest to ICAC is a March 2015 Chinese Friends of Labor dinner, where $100,000 was raised for the party.

Jamie Parker MP says:

“ICAC has already made findings against Liberal MPs who were found to have acted to evade election funding laws to take banned donations. Now members of NSW Labor are accused of subverting state election donation laws too.

“The old parties are in a desperate battle for political donations and these allegations seem to suggest that they will do anything – including break the law – in order to secure them.

“This case is yet another example of why we need a strong, well-funded ICAC to investigate the political corruption that is endemic to Liberal and Labor politics here in NSW.

“We to double ICAC funding, we need stronger laws to protect whistle-blowers and new, modern laws to ensure that MPs who are found to have acted corruptly actually go to jail,” he says.

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