Hanson Concrete Facility Submissions

Hanson concrete have proposed to build a concrete batching facility with a shipping terminal at Glebe Island. The Environmental Impact Statement for the Hanson Concrete batching plan is now open for exhibition.

Submissions close 15/05/2018

Most residents are broadly supportive of retaining some level of working harbour in White Bay. However, this proposal – in its current form - represents a significant intensification of industrial activities within an area that is now largely residential.

If unchanged, together with the proposed multi-user facility, the Hanson facility would have significant negative impacts on our local neighbourhood. 

The Environmental Impact Statement for the Hanson Concrete batching plan is now open for exhibition. Make your submission online here.

To assist you, here are some points to mention in your submission:

24/7 Operation and Noise

  • The facility will operate 24/7
  • Ships will be permitted to berth at the port 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • There are no bans on ships running generators while berthed or leaving lights on at night.

Air quality

  • Ships delivering concrete and aggregate should be required to cover their product so that particles do not become airborne at sea or in the bay.
  • Ships should not be permitted to run their engines 24/7 because of the negative impact this will have on air quality.
  • Shore to shop power should be mandatory.


  • The application would add a significant number of trucks onto the local road network including 189 vehicles in the AM peak hour and 98 in the PM peak hour.
  • The project should take into account the cumulative impact of truck movements from a range of other projects proposed for the area including the multi-user facility at Glebe Island, the Western Harbour Tunnel and the staging site at White Bay Power Station.    

Given these serious impacts, I ask that you refuse the application in its current form and introduce strong controls to protect local residents from noise, air pollution and traffic.

Please do not hesitate to contact my electorate office for more information or help with your submission. 

To assist us in continuing to represent your concerns to the government, please copy your submission to [email protected]

Make your submission online here


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