Hawthorne Canal artwork showcases local talent and community spirit

Greens member for Balmain Jamie Parker has praised the effort of the community in transforming Leichhardt's Hawthorne Canal Pedestrian Tunnel into a work of art.

“This project is a great example of a successful partnership between different spheres of government and the community,” he said. 

Mr Parker said the project was evidence of the importance of harnessing creative energy into effective community building programs. 

I spoke recently in Parliament about Leichhardt Council’s successful graffiti management program, which has responded to a community challenge with imagination and innovation.” 

“Hawthorne Canal is another great example of the value of art and creativity in ensuring that graffiti vandalism doesn't degrade our community spaces. The canal is now a bright, welcoming pedestrian walkway, where previously it was dark, subject to graffiti vandalism and considered dangerous,” Mr Parker said. 

“I congratulate the many dedicated people and organisations involved – RailCorp, community volunteers, local artists and schools. It’s fantastic to see such a wonderful result.”

Read the story in the Inner West Independent

Read Jamie’s speech in parliament on Leichhardt’s innovative graffiti management program

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