I Encourage You To Visit Your Local Library

With temperatures this week set to top 30 degrees every day have you considered visiting your local Library and enjoying reading a book in the cool conditions inside?

Fifteen million people attended a cultural venue or event according to the latest 2009-10 Australian Bureau of Statistics reporting; 34 per cent had visited their local library. 

During the past six months, the Leichhardt Library network has lent 293,721 items and 188,175 enquiries were made online. In 2009-2010, the children�s library programme produced 454 events offered to 18,376 visitors.

 Many of the children�s story times, book talks and exhibitions are immensely popular and are a credit to the interesting programme on offer.

The local history unit at Leichhardt Library has continued to support the Local History Grants program and in 2009-2010, six organisations were successful recipients, helping to develop our knowledge of the past. 

Council has invested $146,000 into the introduction of e-books over two years, giving residents the opportunity to read on their home PC or iphone. The library is also greening up, cutting back on paper and notifying residents of their overdue notifications via SMS & email. 

Since Balmain Library’s four million dollar refurbishment, the community’s use of the library has been increasing and is continuing to grow. Prior to the refurbishment for the year ending June 2008, 78,489 people visited the library borrowing 111,417 items. 

Now after the refurbishment and the addition of the new children’s wing, combined with the improved service levels of more storytelling sessions, author talks and wireless connectivity, for the year ending June 2010, 129,633 people visited the library borrowing 165,717 items.

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy reading and visit one of our local libraries. Balmain Library is now open on Sundays, and 4,234 people have visited the library on a Sunday since the opening day last July. Many are enjoying the opportunity to read and reflect or drop in to borrow books. 

I encourage you to take the time to visit your local library.

Local History At Your Library

Leichhardt Council’s Local History Grants Program commenced in 2005 and we have invested $25,000 each year, into research, since that time. To date, thirty one grants have been awarded to historians, all of whom are volunteers and share a common interest and commitment to recovering the past and retelling the stories of the area.

The Local History Program’s strength is the balance between a focus on everyday people, habits and trends as well as notable characters which shaped the area’s destiny. Thank you to the historians who are making a wonderful contribution. All of their work is available to the public- you can access the Local History Collection at Leichhardt Library.

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