Make ICAC’s funding independent

Our Independent Commission Against Corruption is one of the most effective corruption fighting organisations in the world.

But in October 2019, the Chief Commissioner of the ICAC warned that the ICAC's ability to police corruption in NSW is under serious threat from funding cuts – ICAC was $3.9m short of what it needs just to maintain its current operations.  

Alarmingly, it is the Premier’s own Department that is squeezing ICAC’s funding. This is a major conflict of interest given the Premier’s close proximity to ICAC’s current investigation of former MP Daryl Maguire. 

The ICAC have already proposed a new funding model which would give them long term certainty and ensure their budget is independent of the government of the day.

Sign the petition to tell the Premier to make ICAC’s funding independent!

Dear Premier –

I want the Independent Commission Against Corruption to be just that – independent.  As long as this government holds the purse strings at ICAC, it has the power to curtail the corruption watchdog’s work simply by starving them of funding.

I support the Chief Commissioner’s independent funding model and call on you to enact it immediately. 

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