Improving access to public transport

Greens MP Jamie Parker spoke in the NSW Parliament about improving the accessibility of public transport.

Watch Jamie's speech here or read the transcript below.

Mr JAMIE PARKER (Balmain) [4.46 p.m.], by leave: I congratulate and thank those residents and members of local communities who campaign not only on this issue but also on disability and access issues in general. I am proud to see in the public gallery members of the community of Sydney, and the inner west in particular, who have been working on this issue. I thank the residents of Redfern, activists, businesspeople and community members who have supported this petition. It is important that this petition is before the House. Accessibility is an issue at train stations and, in my electorate, ferry wharves. It has been talked about for a long time. I am pleased to see that the Minister for Transport is in the Chamber to speak to the House and the community about the issue.

The issue was raised emphatically by residents in my electorate. I acknowledge Irene Doutney from the City of Sydney and Mehreen Faruqi, the fantastic Greens candidate contesting the seat of Heffron. She has been working tirelessly on this matter. Ms Faruqi will take up the fight against inaction, whether with Labor or the Coalition, to make sure the job gets done in our community. I put it to the House that the community needs a timetable. The community understands and accepts that there are limited resources, a range of challenges that need to be met on the network, and limited funds. I respect the fact that the Minister has come to the House to address the issue. Some Ministers do not come to the House when petitions are discussed; I acknowledge that the Minister for Transport does.

It is important for the petitioners and the broader community to understand the Government's time frame. The Minister has said that she will look into the matter in the future, but it would be appreciated if the Government could set out a time frame so that there is context. I do not intend to politicise the issue by bashing the former Government but it made commitments on which it did not deliver. It is understandable that a community that has experienced disappointment under a former Premier is concerned that the present Government may squib on the promise as well. The community looks to the Government to deliver.

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