In The Seat of Balmain Your Vote is Powerful!

As a Leichhardt Greens Councillor for over 11 years, and in my third term as Mayor, I have the experience, passion and commitment to represent you in the NSW Parliament. I have a strong record of involvement in our community and during my term as Mayor Leichhardt Council has delivered record investment in services and infrastructure while maintaining a balanced budget.

On March 26 we have an important decision to make when we vote in the state election. Like many of you I have been disappointed with Labor but don’t trust the Liberals.

We all know it’s time for change in NSW. Labor has failed to deliver long term planning for the state and is plagued with allegations of corruption and scandals. Labor has shown itself to be incapable of delivering good government to the people of NSW.

Our current local member of parliament is a Senior Minister in the NSW Labor government. As a member of the Cabinet she was there when the government supported selling our electricity assets, dismantled our urban planning system and approved numerous new coal-fired power stations - disaster for the climate.

We need change in NSW, but unlike the Liberals, the Greens offer genuine change that will strengthen our community and improve our lives and those of our families. I ask you to support me to be part of that change.

As part of a growing Greens team in state parliament, if elected, I will hold the new government to account. I will work hard for you to:

    • Ensure your values and priorities in the parliament;


    • Promote strong investment in public transport including heavy and light rail and buses;


    • Protect our public assets from privatisation and stop the Liberals from slashing vital public services;


    • Return planning control to local communities;


    • Stop the corrupting influence of political donations from big business;


    • Ensure a quality public school, TAFE and university education for our children, especially those with
      special needs;


    • Deliver an improved public health care system for all with a focus on preventative services.

There is a very small margin of 3.7% between the Greens and the ALP in the seat of Balmain, with the Liberals a distant third. This election your vote is powerful. Vote 1 the Greens.

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