Indus Fortune wreaks havoc on Balmain

The Indus Fortune arrived at White Bay on Sunday 25 March for emergency repairs. Since then, the ship has been spilling pollution into the local area.

The pollution is impacting residents in their homes as well as nearby schools and the Balmain Hospital. The Port Authority have informed local residents that as the ship is docked for emergency repairs the normal noise limit regulations do not apply.

Commenting on the incident, Jamie Parker MP for Balmain says:

“My office has been inundated with pleas from local residents who are unable to even open their bedroom windows because of the amount of pollution and noise spewing from this ship.

“The toxic fumes emitted by this type of vessel can cause a range of illnesses, including eye disorders, lung and cardiovascular diseases, and cancer.

“It’s downright cruel for this government to allow residents to be assaulted by constant noise when the Indus Fortune could be in for repairs in a proper industrial site like Port Botany.

“Our community is sick of this government sitting on its hands. When the Noise Mitigation Strategy and the sulphur fuel regulations were announced, we welcomed them but now they are years overdue it seems the government is so beholden to the cruise ship industry it can’t even enforce its own rules.  

“The only long term solution to reduce emissions and noise is the installation of shore to ship power, a ban on overnight stays for cruise ships and commencement of the Port Authority’s ‘three strikes’ policy.”


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