The Liberal government has pushed ahead with privatisation of bus services in Sydney’s Inner West, with an announcement that the contract has been awarded to Transit Systems.

Commenting on the signing Jamie Parker, MP for Balmain says:

“The government has completely ignored the tens of thousands of submissions it received from members of the public who want to keep buses in Sydney in public hands. The community wants the government to fix the buses not flog them off.

“This contract is yet another example of the government’s ideological fixation on privatisiation.

“In the Inner West, we’ve already seen the government closing down bus stops, making services less accessible to the people who need them most. We need investment into a world class public transport system that is clean, efficient and affordable – not more sell offs.”

Jenny Leong, MP for Newtown says:

“There has been a huge groundswell of people in the inner west demanding the buses are kept in public hands.

“Many people in the inner west don’t own a car and rely on buses as a primary mode of transport. This is an essential service that should be kept in public hands.

“Selling off our public buses won't make them more reliable or frequent. Privatising our buses will only mean they are run for a profit, instead of providing the quality public transport for our community. 

“Privately operated buses mean higher fares, fewer services, and only running the most profitable routes.

“The Liberal Government is selling of assets at the fastest rate in NSW history. Instead of managing our economy responsibly, they are selling off public services that have been built up over generations.”

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