Greens welcome recommendations from Panel of Experts - Political Donations

October 10, 2014. Media release
The release of the Interim Report – Political Donations by the Panel of Experts vindicates the Greens’ call for significant changes to the election funding regime before the 2015 state election.

Commenting on the measures in yesterday’s Interim Report, Greens MP Jamie Parker said the Panel has agreed with the Greens recommendations for real-time disclosure of political donations, as well as increased penalties for breaching election funding laws, more time to commence prosecutions and new anti-circumvention provisions.

“Next week I will present legislation that reflects the Greens submission I presented to the Panel. The bill proposes a workable, immediate solution to reduce political donations and overall expenditure, has introduced criminal sanctions and improved disclosure,” said Mr Parker.

“The people in my community and all across NSW are disgusted with the arrogance, self-interest and illegal behaviour exposed by the ICAC inquiries. If Liberal, National and Labor MPs are serious about genuine reform, they will support my bill.

"It is not good enough to hold out for one hundred percent public funding of elections. Such an expensive and unconstitutional model has been discredited by a number of expert submissions to the Panel.

"Whilst the Greens’ model and my bill increases public funding, they also reduces expenditure caps and donation limits which in turn removes the incentive for corruption. Combined with increased enforcement and stronger penalties, it will restore integrity to the NSW political system," said Mr Parker.

The Greens submission to the Panel of Experts – Political Donations can be emailed on request, or read online at

MORE: [email protected] or 0413 581 603

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