Jamie Parker campaigns to reinstate Balmain Hospital 24 hour service

Greens MP Jamie Parker today vowed to continue his campaign to reinstate the 24 hour casualty service at Balmain hospital.

"This is an important issue not only for the people of my own electorate who have had health care services reduced, but also for the effectiveness of the NSW health system more broadly."

Mr Parker spoke in Parliament calling on the government to review the closure of the 24 hour casualty service and urging the government to begin plans to urgently reinstate the service.

"I have spoken to many people in Balmain and surrounding suburbs who say that without the 24 hour casualty service they no longer feel safe in the knowledge that if in the middle of the night there is an emergency, quick and effective care is only a few minutes away."

Mr Parker cited a survey conducted by Leichhardt Council, in which 88% of respondents said that they supported the reintroduction of the service. 

"I will continue to campaign on behalf of the community, which has clearly expressed its desire for this vital health service," said Mr Parker. 

"Reinstating this service is not a matter of financing or finding medical staff, it's about political will."

"I call on the government to recognise that this is an important health service, which is both economically viable and greatly needed. This government must listen to the concerns of the people of Balmain and the greater population of Sydney and restore the 24 hour casualty service at Balmain Hospital."

Further information: Alison Martin 0432 941 533

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