Jamie Parker challenges NSW govt to get serious on corruption

August 12, 2014. MEDIA RELEASE

Mr Andrew Cornwell, Member for Charlestown, and Mr Tim Owen, Member for Newcastle tendered their resignations to the Speaker and their seats have been declared vacant.

Greens MP Jamie Parker had intended to move an expulsion motion against the Member for Charlestown in Parliament this afternoon, but the two MPs resigned minutes before the motion was put. The Premier, Mike Baird, had also recently called for their resignations.

“It became untenable for the Premier to move against an expulsion motion as it would have confirmed this government defends crooked MPs,” says Greens MP Jamie Parker.

“I welcome their decisions to resign, however these resignations do not fix the corruption crisis in this state.

“There is anger. There is frustration. There is disbelief in our Parliamentary system. And this is the fault of corrupt, dishonest, unethical actions by members of our Parliament. The government must take action to ensure open and transparent political system

 "We must clean up politics and weed out crooked MPs .

“I urge the Premier to adopt our 'Clean Politics Charter' which outlines five critical steps we can take to restore integrity and public confidence in the NSW government.”

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Show the Premier that you stand against corruption: Sign our Clean Politics Charter 

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