Jamie Parker condemns graffiti legislation, points to Leichhardt success story

Legislation passing through the NSW Parliament that sends more children to court for graffiti will do nothing to reduce graffiti and is a step backwards, according to Greens MP Jamie Parker and the submission of the Law Society of NSW.

"Sending more children to court is not a solution to graffiti. All it does is normalise their involvement in the criminal justice system," Mr Parker said.

This legislation will push more children into our courts system and is not supported by any evidence that it will reduce graffiti vandalism.

The Greens NSW continue to advocate non-punitive community-based solutions, such as those instituted in the Balmain electorate by Leichhardt Council.

"Leichhardt Council's innovative and diverse approach to the issue has reduced unsightly tagging without putting children before the courts.

"At War Memorial Park in Leichhardt, for example, tagging incidents requiring graffiti removal diminished from more than twice a week to less than twice a year after council's actions.

"Using good lighting and design and working with children might be less politically punchy than sending them to court, but it works. And that's what I'm interested in," Mr Parker said.

Watch Jamie's speech in Parliament

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