Labor’s plan to turn Callan Park into a glorified shopping centre

Jamie Parker MP has criticised Labor’s announcement that they would consider ripping up the Callan Park Act in order to open Callan Park up to commercialisation and development.

Comment from Jamie Parker MP:

“Labor is proposing to turn Callan Park into a glorified shopping centre.

“This is a pledge to allow for the tearing up of the Callan Park Act which protects this precious site from commercialisation, over-development and privatisation.

“Our community wants movement on Callan Park but this announcement from Labor is moving in entirely the wrong direction.

"Last time Labor were in government, they tried to build over 1500 apartments on Callan Park. Labor has demonstrated a fundamental lack of understanding regarding Callan Park.

“This spectacular site harbours space for healing, active and passive recreation, creativity, and contemplation. It also offers purpose-built facilities for desperately needed mental health services.

“It’s clear that Labor doesn’t think Callan Park is deserving of protection. It seems Labor only sees a massive real estate opportunity.

“Our community has battled for decades to defend Callan Park from development, to return wellness services and to have the remarkable natural value of this site recognised. We will continue to fight to secure the future of this site,” he said.


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