Land and Environment Court approve Bunnings Rozelle

Jamie has been working with local residents to protect our community in the face of a massive proposal to build a Bunnings superstore at Parsons St Rozelle for many years.

Disappointingly, this proposal was recently approved by the Land and Environment Court. Read coverage in Inner West Courier or the Sydney Morning Herald.

What is clear is that it is without community action, this proposal would have been rubber stamped over a year ago. Instead, we’ve won some important changes, including:

  • Reducing the hours of operation by 18 hours per week compared to what was originally proposed, with further reduced hours on public holidays;
  • Restricting the size of delivery trucks allowed to access the building to Medium Rigid Vehicles only, and restricting the number of trucks allowed in each day; and
  • Prohibiting customer delivery orders being dispatched from this site all together.

All of this will go some way towards reducing impacts on traffic and parking but there is no doubt that this is still a totally inappropriate development for the site.

Jamie will be following up with the Inner West Council on measures that can be taken to protect resident parking in the surrounding streets.

Thank you to everyone who attended our public meetings over the years or who wrote to Council to object to this proposal. Thank you especially to those residents who attended the Land and Environment Court with me. 

Jamie is committed to protecting what is special about our local area and local businesses in community. 


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