Light Rail Extension to Dulwich Hill and Circular Quay

We have been asked several questions about the Greens opposing privatisation and yet supporting the privatisely operated light rail line extension to Dulwich Hill and Circular Quay. The Labor Party are keen to highlight their support for the Light Rail but it took local communities, Leichhardt & Sydney Council with the Greens to fight for it!

We recognise this is not optimal but as they have a current contact we have argued to extend the line so we can provide more services to the community. At the Leichhardt Council level we have also advocated that there should be integration with the existing public fare system and the concession rates should apply.

We have also always prefaced our support for the extension with the view that while we support the public provision of this critial service we recognise the arrangements in place.

So in short we needed to build a widespread alliance in order to win this project and when the contract comes up for renewal we can address advocacy for public provision of the light rail service.

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