Light rail study call for tenders (Inner West Courier)

The State Government has finally got the ball rolling on light rail and is calling for tenders from organisations interested in conducting a feasibility study into extending the system to Dulwich Hill.

The application for tenders closes on September 29.

Transport Minister David Campbell said the study would concentrate on costs, demand, technical issues and integration with other forms of public transport. It will also examine the viability of light rail from the western CBD corridor to Circular Quay and via the Rozelle goods line corridor to Summer Hill and Dulwich Hill.

A steering committee consisting of representatives from RailCorp, Sydney Metro, the RTA, councils and the Transport and Planning departments will oversee the study .

Leichhardt Mayor Jamie Parker said while he welcomed the study it was a shame the government had forced local councils to jointly fund it.

"Obviously I'm disappointed ratepayers are taking on a cost, which is rightly the job of the State Government," he said.

"The fact the NSW Government is spending $160 million duplicating a bridge which no one wants and couldn't even spend $250,000 for the study is not a good sign of its prospects."

Leichhardt, Ashfield and Marrickvile councils all chipped in $30,000 towards the study . Sydney City agreed to pay $50,000 and the government paid the remainder.

Cr Parker said Sydney Council had already conducted several studies on the feasibility of light rail which the government had chosen to ignore.

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