Light Rail surface corridor must be preserved in Rozelle

As the completion of works to remove disused tracks from the Rozelle Rail Yards draws near, Greens Member for Balmain Jamie Parker has called on the government to preserve a surface corridor for a future Light Rail project.

“Sydney Motorway Corporation, Transport for New South Wales and UrbanGrowth must work together to secure a surface corridor from the White Bay Power Station through to the Inner West Light Rail line,” said Mr Parker. “The government should also be using the Glebe Island Bridge for Light Rail, pedestrian and cycle links.” 

Failure to preserve a surface corridor will rob the community of an important transport solution for White Bay, Balmain and the wider Inner West, Mr Parker said.

“The massive increase in patronage on the Inner West Light Rail demonstrates just how popular and important new public transport services are to our community and city,” Mr Parker said.

Light Rail will complement a future metro transit infrastructure, and provide a crucial service during the decade before any potential metro project is fully implemented.


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  • Mike Hawthorn
    commented 2017-10-13 17:18:10 +1100
    Absolutely agree – Light Rail is fantastic. Let’s also not forget though, it was a Labour government that ripped up all the tram lines in Sydney that have now cost us big time to put back!!
  • richard dudlley-smith
    commented 2017-10-06 17:39:55 +1100
    It’s essential we stop these bonehead ‘false news’ solutions to Sydney’s growing congestion by this current Govt. It is beyond belief that the current Govt can get away with this moronic idiocy. It is essential for the future of Sydney to change direction and massively increase cutting edge train and metro solutions. It is vandalism that the tracks in the Rozelle yards have been torn up.
  • Zio Ledeux
    commented 2017-10-03 21:40:30 +1100
    THANKYOU jamie ,i wish the others thought this way. Sensible ,practical and community minded

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