Let's fix lobbying in NSW

Over the past twenty years, lobbying in NSW has expanded dramatically and regulation hasn't kept up.

A quick glance at the Premier’s diary will reveal that most months she meets with more corporate interests than she does community organisations. 

In NSW we need better regulation of lobbying, access and influence so I'm calling for 17 key changes to our lobbying regulations, including: 

  • Expansion of the existing Lobbyist Register to include shadow ministers and local government officials; 
  • Prohibition on members of Parliament from undertaking paid lobbying; and 
  • An end to 'pay-per-view' fundraising events. 

I’m committed to tackling corruption in NSW to make sure our politics serves the many not the wealthy and well-connected few and I'll keep you updated as this matter progresses. 

Tell the Premier you support better regulation of lobbying in NSW by signing the petition. 

Dear Premier, 

We need to better regulate lobbying, access and influence to ensure that our politics serves the people, not the wealthy few. I support Jamie Parker's 17 recommendations for lobbying regulation. 

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Louise Warren
Nicholas O'Dwyer
Jamie Fraser
Beth Haynes
Jenny Curtis
Kai Simmons
David Arnold
Mark Fox
Iri Stafford
Jane Gilchrist
Adrianne Haddow
Mikayla Williams
Patrick Motum
Peter Kaukas
Don Lyda
Fiona Spence-Lyda
Dala Lyda
Simon Croker
John McWhinney
Julian Turrell
Christian Childs
Ian Bruce
James Kirk
Walter Kaan
Rowena Mabbott
Milton Jackson
Wayne Duncombe
Caleb Bridges
Robert Trease
Kealan Coleman

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