Local sewing group tackle single use plastic bags

This Saturday, Boomerang Bags Inner West launched their first bag exchange at Supabarn Annandale.

The bag exchange is a joint initiative between Boomerang Bags Sydney Inner West and local childcare center Explore and Develop Annandale. Their aim is to reduce the use of single use plastic bags. 

Commenting on the initiative, Maggie Huang from Boomerang Bags said:

“The goal of this exchange is to reduce the use of single use plastic bags here in Annandale.

“Our volunteers sew reusable bags at monthly sewing bees using donated fabric which would otherwise end up in landfill. Those bags are then added to the exchange at Supabarn Annandale.

“Shoppers who have forgotten to bring a reusable bag are welcome to borrow a Boomerang Bag from the exchange free of charge and return it next time they head to the shops.”

Commenting on the initiative, Jamie Parker MP for Balmain said:

“Australians use an astounding 9.7 billion single use bags every year. All that plastic eventually ends up in landfill or our environment.

“Tens of thousands of marine animals die each year from ingesting plastic bags.

“It’s astounding that NSW is now the only state in the country that hasn’t committed to a ban on single use plastic bags. Even Coles and Woolworths are bringing in a ban from July 1.

“The team at Boomerang Bags have come up with a great initiative to help locals curb their use of plastic bags by making it easy to pick up a free, reusable bag at the checkout.

“Practical, local solutions like this can have a huge impact on the amount of plastic we consume so I encourage any local supermarket who’s interested in tackling waste to get going on their own Boomerang Bag exchange.”

Find out more about Boomerang Bags or sign-up for their next sewing bee on Facebook.


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