Mayor backs skate park call (Inner West Courier)

The teens of Balmain spoke as one at last week’s meeting of Leichhardt Council, demanding the council build them a state-of-the-art skate park to rival the one enjoyed by skaters at Five Dock.

Led by Rohan D’Cruz, who has started a 500-member strong Facebook page calling for a skate park in Balmain, about 10 teenagers stood up to plead with councillors to give them something to grind in Balmain. “At the moment we have to trek out to Five Dock, and we are often coming back in the dark,” Rohan told the council.

Rohan has also met Leichhardt mayor Jamie Parker, who he described on Facebook as “a really positive and a really good guy”.
Cr Parker told the Courier he was supportive of building new facilities, but said the major challenge was finding an appropriate site for the park.

“There is a perception that skate parks can be a problem, when in fact they provide great benefit for the whole community,” he said.

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