MEDIA ALERT: Protest the EPA rally 12:45pm 13 October

Jamie Parker MP will be holding a public rally in the lunch break of the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Performance of the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA). 

WHEN: 12.45pm Monday 13 October 2014
LOCATION: Macquarie Street, outside NSW Parliament House

Mr Parker has vigorously opposed a cruise ship terminal at White Bay since the former Labor government decided to relocate the terminal in late 2008. In this time he has held public meetings, worked with local residents, lobbied and petitioned the government. M Parker recently convened a meeting between his constituents and the Minister for the Environment so the government could hear the problems first-hand. 

The EPA has not acted and the government continues to do nothing. Meanwhile, the number of cruise ships calling into Sydney Harbour continues to grow and residents continue to be distressed by the unacceptable impacts.

The cruise ships that dock at White Bay do not comply with the World Health Organisation's recommended controls for emissions.

Sydney Ports has been negligent in terms of residents’ health and noise levels have been non-compliant,  even according to Sydney Ports’ own measurements.

  • Fuel sulphur content is up to 35 times higher than that allowed in Europe and North America.
  • Shore-to-ship power has not been provided (this would allow ships to switch off their engines in port).
  • Emissions monitoring criteria is inadequate and unsafe.
  • There are no penalties for breaches of the regulations that do exist.

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