Media Release: Greens reveal 58 inner west properties at risk from flammable cladding

Just over two years after the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, secret documents obtained by Jamie Parker MP reveal 58 buildings in the Inner West Council area are at risk from flammable cladding.

The documents were obtained under Freedom of Information laws through the Department of Planning after the Inner West Council rejected the same application on the grounds that Council did not ‘hold saved cladding portal information in its records’.

NSW local councils were given access to the flammable cladding register earlier in 2019 but the NSW Government advised local councils in September to invoke terrorism fears to keep the locations of potentially lethal flammable cladding secret from the public.

Yesterday in the Upper House of NSW Parliament, Greens MPs moved a successful motion to force the release of the full list of properties, see here.

Jamie Parker MP says:

“This is a ticking time bomb for residents and the Council.

“Flammable cladding poses a risk to property and to people’s safety.

“Given the recent spate of fires in Glebe, people have a right to know if this material is on their apartment buildings, child care facilities, or the local shopping centre.   

“We have revealed that 58 properties in our local area are at potential risk from flammable cladding but the government is doing nothing and Council claims they weren’t even aware.

“Earlier this year the City of Sydney shared the details of every property in their area that is at risk of flammable cladding. It’s alarming that the Inner West Council has worked with the government to keep the locations of properties secret from the public.

“We need to immediately revisit the regulations and either require owners to properly assess and address the risk or empower councils to do it,” he says.


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