Minister for Transport lacks commitment on light rail, delivery stretched to 2014

Greens MP Jamie Parker has blamed critical under-resourcing and lack of political will for the failure of the government to commit to an efficient delivery of the light rail extensions.

"With less than 6 people in the department working on the light rail, it seems the government lacks the capacity to make decisions and deliver this project, so it's no surprise it won't be finished until 2014."

"Light rail is a critical part of managing the growth of the inner west and it provides an important alternative to buses. The bus network is already overloaded, which anyone who catches the bus down Parramatta road to the CBD will tell you."

"Buses are a short-term solution to Sydney's public transport challenges - in reality they contribute to congestion and are a big part of the problem."

Mr Parker also highlighted the importance of improving connectivity:

"The government must go beyond a feasibility study and commit to the light rail extension to the CBD and eastern suburbs."

"The former government budgeted $500 million for the city and Dulwich Hill links but this government will only commit to $103 million this year – a discrepancy that does not bode well for the effective delivery of the light rail."

More information: Alison Martin 0432 941 533

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