Glebe Island Multi-User Facility

The NSW Port Authority want to build a multi-use facility on Glebe Island to bring building materials into Sydney by sea.

The NSW Port Authority have proposed a multi-use facility on Glebe Island to bring building materials into Sydney by sea. While most local residents support some form of working harbour, the proposed multi-use facility will intensify industrial activities in the area. 

The facility will operate 24/7 without proper controls in place to protect residents. Residents in the area can expect: 

  • Constant noise, dust and air pollution
  • Ships running generators while berthed
  • 1,200 two-way truck movements per day causing congestion on local streets

SOURCE: Port Authority Review of Environmental Factors


Dear Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly in NSW,

I call on you to rethink the current plans to turn Glebe Island into a multi-use facility. 

While we support of some form of working harbour at White Bay, it's not reasonable to expose our neighbourhood to heavy ship and truck movements 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The undersigned petitioners urge the government to pursue a use for Glebe Island that mitigates the impacts on our community. 

Yours sincerely,

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