Myth Busting Dirty False Allegations By Opponents

Post Election

Plenty of people have already taken News Ltd hack David Penberthy to task for his false statement that the Greens preferenced Pauline Hanson in the Legislative Council over the Labor Party. Election Analyst Ben Raue has written an article refuting Labor and Penberthy's statements - the NSW Greens did not preference Pauline Hanson.



You know that the Greens are a real chance of winning the seat of Balmain by the amount of dirt thrown at me recently by the our political opponents and their friends in the tabloid media.

The Sydney Morning Herald asked me to comment on their recent story "Dirt flies amid petty politics":

Yesterday the Herald received an anonymous tip-off about two alleged criminal incidents involving the front-running Balmain candidate for the Greens, Jamie Parker, the mayor of Leichhardt.

He was happy to confirm he has twice had brushes with the law for minor, peaceful incidents of political activism - once for putting up anti-privatisation posters in 1992, then for unfurling a pro-Tibetan freedom banner over the Coca-Cola sign in Kings Cross in 2008. He was charged in both cases but neither resulted in convictions.

''Unlike the NSW Labor Party, I stand up for what I believe in,'' Cr Parker said yesterday. ''The people of Balmain are interested in ideas, not smears.''

So let's dispel the tabloid myths.

With nothing positive to offer the electorate the Labor Party has been reduced to shopping dirt to journalists. This dirt is nothing but malicious and false allegations and attempts to smear me by the most tenuous of associations.

Fortunately the voters of Balmain are seeing this campaign for what it is, desperate and dirty tactics by a discredited Labor Party machine. PEOPLE I SPEAK TO EVERY DAY IN THE SEAT OF Balmain are interested in ideas, not smears.

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