NSW Roads and Maritime (RMS) has released their Preferred Infrastructure Report (PRI) in response to the 13,000 submissions they received opposing plans for Stage 3 of WestConnex.

Commenting on the report, Jamie Parker MP for Balmain says:

“There were 13,000 community submissions against Stage 3 of Westconnex. It’s appalling that the RMS has come back with a PRI that not only fails to adequately address the concerns of residents but imposes even more on our community.  

“The PRI has confirmed that Darley Road as a mid-tunnel dive site and committed to the location of unfiltered smoke stacks in Iron Cove and the Rozelle Goods Yard in addition to proposing two significant changes.

Works Zone at White Bay

“Over 750 vehicles are set to come in and out of a proposed new works zone at White Bay every day. This will wreak havoc on local roads and bring heavy vehicles to bear on an area which is already heavily congested.

“The enormous works zone in White Bay will be built to accommodate 40 heavy trucks and provide 50 car parking spaces.

“The works zone will be in operation 24 hours, seven days a week giving local residents no reprieve from the noise and dirt this giant works zone will generate.

Bioretention Facility at Rozelle

“The PIR plans to permanently rob up to 2,259 square metres of public space from King Georges Park on the Bay Run in Rozelle. RMS is proposing a car park and a bioretention facility for the site to deal with surface water run-off from Victoria Road.

“These plans want to impose a construction site and a dust bowl right in the middle of one of the most popular exercise destinations in the Inner West. We’re set to see air quality impacted and huge amounts of construction noise – both will ruin this well-loved piece of greenspace for the public.

“This report highlights once again why WestConnex should be scrapped and the funds invested in world class public transport.

“The Greens are calling for an immediate halt to all construction and planning approvals while an independent parliamentary inquiry into WestConnex can be conducted."


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