Light rail study call for tenders (Inner West Courier)

Labor's Green Nemesis (The Australian)

One Degree Of Change - Saving Our Planet Is Up To Every One Of Us (Inner West Courier)

Program to save water, energy. Canada Bay and Leichhardt councils will join Sydney Water in a partnership program aimed at improving water and energy efficiencies for local businesses. The Inner West councils have received joint funding of $110,000 from Sydney Water to undertake a pilot partnership program. 

Leichhardt Council slams consultation on bays precinct as a sham

Mayors call state's bluff on light rail (SMH)

Inner-City mayors have called the State Government's bluff, agreeing to help fund a feasibility study into light rail throughout the inner west.

The mayors, led by Sydney City's Clover Moore and Leichhardt's Jamie Parker, yesterday agreed to contribute up to $60,000 to examine the viability of extending the light rail from Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill.

Metro too costly: Leichhardt mayor (ABC News Online)

Leichhardt Council has urged the New South Wales Government to rethink its proposal for the CBD metro rail line, saying the existing plan is too costly and ill-conceived.

The State Government has started the formal planning process for the 7 kilometre underground line from Rozelle to Central, and is now seeking community feedback.

New Mayor and New Council For Leichhardt

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