Jamie's e-news 29 June 2015

The past month has been a busy time, with the 2015 Budget being handed down in the NSW Parliament. One thing is clear: the Liberal government is focused on pushing through its massive development and sale agenda, with public and social services being left far behind.

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Worry over fast-tracking developments

The Liberal government’s decision to fast-track NSW’s biggest developments is of major concern, since there is a real danger that proper public consultation will fall by the wayside, and public interest planning principles  marginalised.

Read more here

No real solution for lack of affordable and public housing

Sydney is in the grip of a major housing affordability crisis, and more supply won’t solve the problem. Despite a record $7.29 billion in stamp duty this year, the government did not commit to more investment in affordable housing or public housing. Read more here.

The plans for Glebe’s Cowper Street are a case in point, where the former public housing estate there is to be replaced with a mixed-residential development, with 50% of the land sold off for private apartments and less public housing accommodation. Read more here. 

Public education planning and Ultimo Public School backflip

There was no coherent solution in the 2015 Budget to the urgent need for more school places in the Inner West, despite its booming population. The latest disappointment was the government’s broken promise on plans for a new primary school in Ultimo. As you know, I campaigned with the Ultimo/Pyrmont community for this school, which would have provided 1,000 much-needed places. Read more here.

We must continue our demands for a new public primary school for Ultimo, and I will be in touch with the Education Minister to urge him to reconsider options for building a new school.

Powerhouse Museum building sell-off

The Budget allocation of $10 million to move the Powerhouse Museum from Ultimo to Parramatta is a waste of public money, and reflects the Government’s contempt for Sydney’s arts and heritage. The plan will deprive Sydneysiders of an important cultural space once the iconic Powerhouse building is sold to developers for - you guessed it - more apartments. Read more here.


With the government fast-tracking large infrastructure projects, it’s more important than ever to make sure the public interest is protected, especially for the Bays Precinct.

There are two approaching deadlines to submit your comments on the Bays Precinct to UrbanGrowth NSW, the government’s property development arm:

- July 10 for comment on the ‘Transforming City Living: The Bays Precinct’ discussion paper

- July 20 for the ‘Call for Great Ideas’ for the Bays Precinct

Click here for more information.


My team and I can help you with any concerns you may have about public housing, public transport, health, planning and development, education, childcare, or any other local or state issue. Call us on 96607586 or email [email protected]

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