No WestConnex mid-point tunnel site in Leichhardt

Sign our letter telling the Minister for WestConnex we don't want a damaging and dangerous tunnel site in Leichhardt.

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Dear Minister

As a member of the local community I believe that the previously proposed Darley Road site is patently unacceptable as a mid point tunnel location for WestConnex.

This mid point tunnel excavation site will remain for up to four years, with significant traffic and safety impacts both on residents and people across the inner west region.

Residents of Leichhardt do not want a drill site. We are highly concerned about the traffic and safety impacts both on local residents and people across the Inner West region. We therefore call on you to cancel any plans to drill at the Darley Road site in Leichhardt. 

This is yet another example of the kind of planning on the run which has been characteristic of the flawed WestConnex project since the start, and one more reason why it should be abandoned.

Yours sincerely,




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Elisabeth Mortimer
Rika Bolton
Lesley Strachan
Phillip Bohringer
Amelia Marais
Lee Walkington
Linda Collins
Jess Ferrao
Serge Martich-Osterman
Naomi Dodds
Paul Boundy
Dorothy MacIntyre
Leonora Howlett
Benjamin Carew
Hilary Bell
Julie Manley
Dean Brown
Judith Christie
Louise Appel
Ron Holmes
Judy Blinkhorn
steve Hall
Rachel Low
Kenneth Gooding
Fiona Lam
Xenia Iona
Diane Davie
Katerina Shmaiger
Kristjan Garcia-Lamerton

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  • Elisabeth Mortimer
    signed 2017-03-18 11:33:16 +1100
  • Rika Bolton
    signed 2017-03-18 11:17:21 +1100
  • Lesley Strachan
    signed 2017-03-18 07:07:27 +1100
  • Phillip Bohringer
    signed 2017-03-17 22:11:51 +1100
    phillip bohringer
  • Amelia Marais
    signed 2017-03-17 22:02:10 +1100
  • Lee Walkington
    signed 2017-03-17 21:18:15 +1100
    As parents we fought for years to get Leichhardt High (SSC) a school playing field and it finally came about on the old bus/tram depot site so any move to place a tunnel next to the oval it is not in the interests of the students or local residents.
  • Linda Collins
    signed 2017-03-17 20:42:08 +1100
  • Jess Ferrao
    signed 2017-03-17 19:26:59 +1100
  • Serge Martich-Osterman
    signed 2017-03-17 19:16:51 +1100
  • Naomi Dodds
    signed 2017-03-17 19:00:42 +1100
  • Paul Boundy
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-03-17 17:35:05 +1100
    Sign the letter: No WestConnex tunnelling sites in Leichhardt
  • Paul Boundy
    signed 2017-03-17 17:34:19 +1100
  • Dorothy MacIntyre
    signed 2017-03-17 17:27:56 +1100
  • Leonora Howlett
    signed 2017-03-17 17:26:54 +1100
  • Benjamin Carew
    signed 2017-03-17 17:21:23 +1100
  • Hilary Bell
    signed 2017-03-17 17:20:20 +1100
    I live and work in Leichhardt and have children at school in the neighbourhood. I am appalled at the State Government’s plans for WestConnex, and what it means for my community, for the environment, the destruction of houses, levels of pollution, and the waste of money that should be going towards public transport. I strongly oppose the Darley Road site being used, and the proposal to excavate outside Sydney Secondary College beggars belief. It is destructive, dangerous, and frankly a slap in the face for public school children and their families.

    o Trucks full of spoil travelling along the school boundary (and our streets) every five minutes will be detrimental to the children’s safety, health and ability to concentrate on their studies.

    o The spoil’s dust and exhaust fumes will spread across the school’s buildings, playground and oval.

    o The noise pollution will be stressful and make learning difficult.

    o The level of danger for children will increase with the number of trucks in the vicinity.

    o The school has only one green recreational area: the oval. With the excavation site bordering it, the students have nowhere to play for the next four years.

    o The traffic gridlocks and parking problems will add to the chaos that we already suffer through insufficient public transport, and particularly outside a school will increase the danger of accidents.

    I would like to know how the Government believes any of the above can be a good thing.
  • Julie Manley
    signed 2017-03-17 16:57:14 +1100
    Westconnect is not the solution to the traffic chaos. Better public transport system is. The westconnect only allows for MORE cars on the roads when the goal for a better less chaotic city choked by too many cars often with only one person in each, should be for less cars on roads inner city NOT more!

    I strongly feel that it is an insBecause it has been so date secretive oabout the inner west portions route, – Leichhardt/Lilyfield tunnel location, I am very strongly opposed to it. The drilling rig appeared outfront of my home in Catherine street a few weeks ago and this was my only reference that the tunnel will probably be directly under my property. Do I want this ABSOLUTLY NOT!
  • Dean Brown
    signed 2017-03-17 16:45:01 +1100
  • Judith Christie
    signed 2017-03-16 19:45:41 +1100
  • Louise Appel
    signed 2017-03-15 20:18:57 +1100
    How can a site that will directly impact on the High School education of hundreds of children even be up for consideration? Have our infrastructure planners gone mad?? Or is this (again) about money before Australia’s future?
  • Ron Holmes
    signed 2017-03-15 08:08:53 +1100
  • Judy Blinkhorn
    signed 2017-03-14 18:38:22 +1100
  • steve Hall
    signed 2017-03-14 10:24:54 +1100
  • Rachel Low
    signed 2017-03-14 09:48:25 +1100
  • Kenneth Gooding
    signed 2017-03-13 22:44:17 +1100
    Leave the site for the school.
  • Fiona Lam
    signed 2017-03-13 22:01:21 +1100
  • Xenia Iona
    signed 2017-03-13 19:24:32 +1100
  • Diane Davie
    signed 2017-03-13 17:33:23 +1100
    WestConnex is ruining the inner west. We must do all we can to stop it now. Turn the roads they’ve already made, or areas where they’ve torn down houses, into parks.
  • Katerina Shmaiger
    signed 2017-03-13 17:25:00 +1100
  • Kristjan Garcia-Lamerton
    signed 2017-03-13 17:23:00 +1100
    Kristjan Garcia-Lamerton